JBC Catherine Finkle Tournament

The cup was purchased in memory of Catherine Finkle who died October 1997. The tournament is mixed doubles in a round robin event, and will be held each year on the last Wednesday in October. The first winners were Gordon Yule & Lisa Brown in 1998.

  • The Memorial tournament is open to all paid up members of J.B.C
  • The Memorial tournament is a mixed doubles round robin handicap event using individual player handicaps combined to form team handicaps. Individually seeded players cannot be drawn together to form pairs
  • If the total number of players entered is not an even number, it may be necessary to eliminate one player from the tournament. Please enter ASAP as the last person to enter from the largest group of names (ladies or gents) may be ineligible to play unless an even number of entries exists for this style of tournament. Alternatively, pools will be arranged as required and if after a sufficient number of matches have been played and a team has no chance of winning their pool, a draw may be made from that pair to provide a partner for the ‘extra’ player previously drawn in a pool
  • Pairs once drawn together will be given team handicaps and split evenly throughout two round robin pools. 3 or more pools may be required for a large entry
  • If only 2 pools are used, the top 2 pairs from each shall play in a semi-final against each other (pool 1 winners v pool 2 runners up etc), with a final to follow. However if 3 pools are used, the winning pair from each pool will move to a new pool of 3 to play off for the final
  • Games will be the best of 1 to 21 with the exception of the final which shall be the best of 3 games to 21. Rally point scoring applies