JBC Handicap Tournament

The Handicap Tournament is the first tournament played in season on the last Wednesday in September. It was first played in 1985 and it was the first tournament to use handicaps, which are decided on the night according to the combine handicaps of the pairs. The first winner were Robert Balderstone (J) & Isa Balderstone.

  • The Handicap tournament is open to all paid up members of J.B.C
  • The Handicap tournament is a knockout, mixed doubles event using individual player handicaps combined to form team handicaps
  • Individually seeded players cannot be drawn together to form pairs. After the draw, seeded pairs will be placed in appropriate positions in the draw. Please note: a seeded pair may not necessarily contain a seeded individual
  • All matches shall be 1 game to 21 with the exception of the final which shall be the best of 3 to 21. Rally Point Scoring rules apply
  • When two teams are competing, you must not combine a positive and negative handicap to zero however two + handicaps may be netted to zero as can two – handicaps. E.g. +5 and +3 would play +2 and zero respectively. -4 and -1 would play -3 and zero etc.