Where it all began...

Jedburgh Badminton Club has been running since 1974. Thanks to previous committee members and willing secretaries, the club has an in-depth record of events over the years and it seemed a good idea to make some of this information available on the Internet for members and visitors.

The very first entry in the minute book for Jedburgh Badminton Club reads "At a meeting held at Jedburgh Sports Complex on Thursday 12th December 1974, it was unanimously agreed to form a Badminton Club and to call said club, "The Jedburgh Badminton Club".

None of the members listed in the inaugural year of Jedburgh Badminton Club are members today but the club has a few 'oldies' who are still active and playing badminton. Joyce Lightbody's name appears in the record's in the minute of the March 1980 A.G.M. Joyce threatens to hang up her racket on a regular basis but she still sets the pace for others to follow. Neil Haig's name pops up in the minute book in 1981 when he was asked to be the 'shuttle person' (person responsible for the supply of shuttles on a club night). Christine Wylie took on the role of secretary in 1986.

In terms of committee meetings and A.G.M. issues, present day topics mirror those raised in the early days.

Membership fees, number of members, constitution, students, juniors, rules, tournaments, border league, the board system (allocation of games and players), misuse of shuttlecocks etc, all appeared in the first few pages of the minute book.

Jedburgh Badminton Club was definitely in full swing! Membership fees were set at £2 for adults, shuttle fees 10p, £1 for juniors. Now with inflation, that makes the current membership fees . . . . . . . . still very good value for money!

Jedburgh Badminton Club joined division three of the Border League in 1975, to compete against other recently formed clubs. The Borders Badminton League suspended JBC in the 1979/80 season. To which JBC then intended to apply to join Kelso Badminton League.

In 1981 talk centred on leagues again and the Berwick League was also considered as an option. The Berwick and Northumberland league still function today but sadly, only the one Border League division remains.

Its recorded in 1982 that a new league had been formed in Hawick and that the club were to make enquiries re the possibility of joining. The club later joined the Hawick league and withdrew from the Border League stating reasons as easier travel.