JBC Intersport Tournament

First played in 2002 the winner team were The Club – Joyce Lightbody

The Intersport Tournament is played between two evenly matched teams of players, one team headed up by the Club Captain and the other headed up by the President. If either Captain or President are not in attendance, a committee member shall captain one team, and a member of the club the other. The draw will be made on the night based on players in attendance.

The tournament consists of 3 disciplines; up to 10 games of mixed doubles, 2 gents singles & 2 ladies singles and a minimum of 5 games of gents levels and ladies level doubles. If time is available, up to 10 games of level doubles for gents & 10 level doubles for ladies can be played. All matches are one game to 21 points, Rally Point Scoring rules apply.

The team captains must allocate players to each match and this is done in secret. Until the two draw sheets are presented, the contenders in each match are unknown. Seeds can play together and there are no team handicaps. Rally Point Scoring rules apply. Once the players have been allocated to each game, the players should not be changed by the team leaders.

Every player must play at least one game of mixed doubles and one game of level doubles and players in each team should play an even number of games whenever possible. Discounting the singles, a player can only play a maximum of one game more than his/her team members although an even distribution of games is the goal.

The winning team shall be the team with the most games won. If teams are level on games, team leaders will select two players to compete in a mixed doubles match of one game to decide the winners. (Any two players, irrespective of number of games played.). This is a team event and not to be taken too seriously!