JBC Jed Tyre & Exhaust Tournament

First played in 2009, straight draw to form pairs, no handicapping, seeds can be drawn with seeds, all games best of three to 21. This tournament replaces the TSB tournament which was held from 1981 – 2008. It is held on the last Wednesday in February. The first winners of the tournament were John Peters & Christine Wylie.

  • The J.T.E. Tournament is open to all paid up members of J.B.C. Pairs will be drawn on the night with no restrictions e.g. individually seeded players may be drawn together, handicaps will not apply and if there are more gents than ladies or, gents may play together without handicap penalty
  • The tournament is a knockout, mixed doubles event. Players are drawn to form mixed teams (whenever possible)
  • After the draw, seeded teams will be placed in the draw to promote a competitive and balanced tournament
  • All matches will be best of 3 games to 21.. Rally Point Scoring Rules apply with setting when required
  • If there is an excess of players e.g. more ladies than gents, it may not be possible to draw mixed pairs so ‘level’ pairs may have to compete. In this instance, -9 / +9 should be applied for level pairings