JBC Level Doubles Tournament

The Doubles tournament is the only tournament that you are allowed to select your own partners; it also has the distinction of being handicapped. It was first held in in 1990 and is played on the last Wednesday in November with the first gents winners being Gordon Yule and Graham Forbes and the ladies winners were Lisa Chisholm & Myra Younger

  • The Level Doubles Tournament is open to all paid up members of J.B.C
  • The Level Doubles Tournament is a round robin handicapped event using individual player handicaps combined to form team handicaps. Ideally you should enter as a pair, not as an individual. The full list of members and handicaps will be published as an aid to selecting a partner
  • Two seeded players cannot combine to make a pair. Refer to the table below
  • Pairs (teams) will be given team handicaps, seeded teams identified and split evenly throughout the round robin pools. The number of seeds and the number of pools in the Gents and Ladies tournament will depend on the size of the entry
  • All pool games will be played to 21 points (winner is first to 21) with the exception of the final which shall be the best of 3 games to 21. In the final, fully rally point scoring applies
  • When two teams are competing, you must not combine a positive and negative handicap to zero however two + handicaps or two –handicaps can be netted off to zero
  • As in all round robin events, games, then points etc. will be used to determine winners
  • In each tourney, if there are 5 couples or less, there shall be only 1 pool with the top 2 couples playing again in a final. For 6 couples there shall be 2 pools of 3, with the winners of each pool playing runners up in the other pool to decide the final. For 7 to 10 couples, there shall be 2 pools, with winners playing runners up from each pool in a semi-final, before the final