JBC Seedless Tournament

The Seedless Cup was presented to Jedburgh Badminton Club by Vaughan Hammond, a member of J.B.C. in the 1990’s. The idea behind this tournament was to give non seeded players a better opportunity to win, therefore the top players (seeded players) are not entitled to compete in this tournament. The Seedless Cup is a mixed doubles knockout event and handicaps apply. The cup was first played for in the 1995 – 96 season, and the winners were Tommy Riddle & Catherine Finkle. This tournament is played on the second last Wednesday in January.

  • This tournament is open to non seeded players only
  • The number of seeds for the season is normally determined at the beginning of the year by the Handicap Committee who will decide whether there will be 2, 3 or 4 or more seeds in both ladies and gents. These seeds will not be eligible to compete in this tournament
  • Individual handicaps shall be determined following a review by the Handicap Committee
  • The Seedless Cup is a mixed doubles handicapped knockout event
  • Mixed Pairs will be drawn and team handicaps calculated. Tournament organizers will decide on two or more seeded couples and place them in the tournament draw as per standard guidelines. The number of seeded couples will be determined by the size of the tournament entry and with the emphasis on producing a balanced competitive tournament
  • Extra players will be accommodated in this tournament and may be drawn with first round losers. Mixed pairs will be drawn whenever possible
  • All matches will be one game to 21 with the exception of the final which will be the best of 3 games to 21. Rally Point Scoring rules will apply

A problem exists in a mixed doubles tournament if 2 ladies must play together or 2 gents due to uneven numbers. Additional handicapping of +9 given to two women paired, or -9 if two men should be applied.