JBC Tournaments

Singles Tournament

First held in 1989 the Gents singles were won by Gordon Yule and the Ladies Singles was won by Lisa Chisholm. This tournament is now held on a Sunday afternoon during February. A knockout tournament. This years winners were, Stuart Mawson of the gents and Christine Wylie of the ladies. With Callum Mitchell, runner up in the gents. And Rebecca Waldie, runner up in the ladies.

Catherine Finkle Memorial Tournament

The cup was purchased in memory of Catherine Finkle who was an active member of the club. The tournament is mixed doubles in a round robin event, and will be held each year on the last Wednesday in October. he first winners were Gordon Yule & Lisa Brown in 1998. Read more.

Seedless Cup

The Seedless Cup was presented to Jedburgh Badminton Club by Vaughan Hammond, a member of J.B.C. in the 1990’s. The idea behind this tournament was to give non seeded players a better opportunity to win, therefore the top players (seeded players) are not entitled to compete in this tournament. Read more. This years winners were, Chris Smith & Carolyn Higginson. With runners up, Rian Stuart & Violet Livingston.

Veteran's Tournament

This tournament was introduced in 2002 and is played on the first Wednesday in February. The trophy was donated by Club Member Andrew Haddon. It is a round robin tournament for the over 40’s (although this can change according to the ages of the members in any one particular year). The winners of the first tournament were John Peters and Myra Younger. Read more. This years winners were, Chris Smith & Bridget Gray. With runners up, Stuart Mawson & Violet Lovingston.

Jed Tyre & Exhaust Tournament

First played in 2009, straight draw to form pairs, no handicapping, seeds can be drawn with seeds, all games best of three to 21. This tournament replaces the TSB tournament which was held from 1981 – 2008. It is held on the last Wednesday in February. The first winners of the tournament were John Peters & Christine Wylie. Read more. This years winners were Craig Pollock & Gordon Yule. With runners up, Tony Gillespie & Stuart Mawson.

Handicap Tournament

The Handicap Tournament is the first tournament played in season on the last Wednesday in September. It was first played in 1985 and it was the first tournament to use handicaps, which are decided on the night according to the combine handicaps of the pairs. The first winner were Robert Balderstone (J) & Isa Balderstone. Read more. This years winners were, Charlie Alison & Myra Younger. With runners up, Ben Rodreiques & Gina Gordon.

Level Doubles Tournament

The Doubles tournament is the only tournament that you are allowed to select your own partners; it also has the distinction of being handicapped. It was first held in in 1990 and is played on the last Wednesday in November with the first gents winners being Gordon Yule and Graham Forbes and the ladies winners were Lisa Chisholm & Myra Younger. Read more. This years winners of the Ladies Level Doubles were, Kath Lightbody & Christine Wylie. With runners up, Carolyn Higginson & Agi Moczuiska. The gents winners were, Chris Smith & Rian Stuart. With runners up, Craig Pollock & Callum Mitchell.

Intersport Tournament

The Intersport Tournament is played between two evenly matched teams of players, one team headed up by the Club Captain and the other headed up by the President. If either Captain or President are not in attendance, a committee member shall captain one team, and a member of the club the other. Read more.